While the select images you see here are by no means exhaustive they do give an idea of the varying range of styles & subjects Steve works in.


Seen here are cards produced for traditional markets and others with more of a quirky twist or cards for specialist customers with a more specific message, on the far left are two cards for Animal Protection Agency.




Just two examples of black line cartoons for Ethical Consumer Magazine. The magazine reviews different ethical aspect of consumer goods rating them for their impact on workers rights and the environment amongst others.


  Aside form caricature and stylised children's Illustration Steve also works in a more formal And naturalistic style as seen here in this Realistic bird print, again for APA

  As prototypes for film work studios need illustrators to produce drawn ideas of what characters adapted from books may look like. Here are some early concepts for the armoured Bears from Philip Pullman's 'Northern Lights' Children's book - originally drawn for WETA The New Zealand based company responsible for the look of the 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy.

As well as painting and drawing, Steve has been working with photography for many years. Amongst others, he has worked with Lonely Planet Publishers who used his images in LP guidebooks and calendars. Steve's specialist region is Arctic and sub Arctic Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard. He works with 35mm cameras on colour transparency film. Steve says of his love for photography and the Arctic:

"I've traveled around cold northern countries for a few years now, always carrying a tent and associated camping kit. This allows me to get to some lonely places, spend a few nights there and that's when you really see the landscape in a range of different light conditions."

Above: Bear Valley, Svalbard in
the Norwegian arctic

Above: Lonely grave yard,
Tassilaq Village, East Greenland

Below: Icebergs and approaching storm
Kulusk Island, East Greenland

Puffins, Vestmannaeyjar Island

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