Most of Steve's illustration work is for educational publishing at Key Stage 2. These are children, 8 to 11 years old although as you'll see from examples below he does adapt his style for younger readers.


Examples of Key Stage 2 work for Oxford University Press. Thor's Hammer is actually a full colour illustrated book while the three other titles are from Oxford's 'Tree Tops' scheme are extensively illustrated in black and white. Thor's hammer is for slightly younger children than the other three stories and as such has a more 'comic' feel to the illustrations while the artwork for the remaining titles is more 'atmospheric'.


Poetry anthologies for children often run along a theme, be it holidays, sport of even as here: monsters.

'The Wendigo' by Ogden Nash is a poem for children of around 5 years old, following publisher's instructions is very important and in this case Oxford stressed that the creature had to look funny but not scary, slimy but not too disgusting! Illustrators always have to bear in mind the needs of the publishers audience.

'Ollie: the Lazing, Amazing Cat' is a picture book for younger readers and again the style changes from one of high realism to a simpler style, this book was a pleasure to work on as the incredible antics of Ollie the hero gave the illustrations a real life, humour and energy.

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